Donkey: The Easiest Lending Protocol

Get your idle cryptos to work

Lend and borrow at a bargain rate!

A seamless crypto experience

A new crypto opportunity

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Our Services

Earn Crypto Interest

Earn compounded interest on your crypto assets.

Short Cryptos

If you spot an opportunity to short sell, use cryptos from Donkey!

Quick Crypto Loan

Collateralize your cryptos to borrow other cryptos. Fast. Easy.

Why Donkey?

Automated multichain asset management.

To ensure our users have complete and secure control over their assets, our contracts have been audited under the highest degree of scrutiny.

Zero price assessment risk

Donkey boasts one of the most up to date and reliable price oracles in the world which means that it is capable of frequently registering prices of even the most volatile assets. Users can now lend and borrow cryptos that are not dealt in other protocols.

Serviced by the best

Donkey is backed by Chain Partners, a South Korean based blockchain builder company with experiences in launching some of the most prominent crypto services.

Audited and Verified